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Extending AwareIM capabilities

All-in-One Code Scanner

Utility (Mobile App)

Great Circle Distance Calculator

Plug-in (Mobile/Desktop)

Smart Email

Plug-in (Mobile/Desktop)

Google Map Marker Color and Mouse Hover Text

Plug-in (Mobile/Desktop)

ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) utility - MySQL to MSSQL

Utility (Desktop)

Fresh Desk (Support tickets directly from AwareIM apps)

Plug-in (Mobile/Desktop)

Other Implementations (We have also extended AwareIM with below shown functionalities. Generic plug-in development is in progress)

1. Twilio - We have successfully implemented Twilio APIs to send/receive Text messages or making/recieving voice calls with AwareIM. We have also implemented voice broadcast and IVR system using Twilio. Other implementations are Phone number Verifications, Live calls Scheduling eg. Reminder calls along with text messages.

2. Google Web Speech API - We have successfully implemented Google's Web Speech API which makes it easy to add speech recognition on AwareIM web pages. Speech to text transcripted data is saved to a business object as well.

3. Text Local - We have successfully implemented Text Local APIs to send/receive Text messages using APIs within AwareIM.

4. Twitter - We have successfully implemented Twitter API to fetch profile photograph on basis of email.

5. Simplified PDF Reports - There are times when AwareIM's native reporting doesn't produce the required results. We have researched a lot in this area and simplified the process. Our simplied reporting library fetches the data directly from database via Stored Procedure and converts it into a downloadable PDF as per pre-defined report design.

6. ABN lookup - We have successfully integrated Australian businesses look up feature on the basis of ABN, Business Name, Trading Name or Legal Name.

7. Highcharts - We have successfully integrated Highcharts with AwareIM as Highcharts enhances UI experience by providing additional chart options like 3D chart, Heat Map, Scatter chart, Bubble chart, Combinations chart, Polar chart, Spiderweb chart etc..

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