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AwareIM -

State-of-the-art applications without state-of-the-art technical skills

AwareIM is an innovative software product from Australia that allows a broad range of computer users to create complex, reliable and powerful web-based database applications in a fraction of the time compared to other high-level development tools. It provides an easy and efficient way for small and large organizations to automate their business processes and manage their business over the Internet. It is driven by a non-procedural rule-based application engine that offers 10x speed of development and maintenance. Its a Java-based platform and built on Java-COM Bridge(Jacob)/ KendoUI - JQuery Library/ Open Adaptor/ Jasper Reports / JGraph - The JFC/Swing Graph Component/ JGoodies Looks/ Java Service Wrapper/ Struts, Hibernate Framework/ SOAP, RESTful, SOCKETS, EMAIL Enabled/ Mobile- Tablet support/ SMS- Voice calls enabled/Tomcat, so is robust, secure, reliable, scalable and maintainable.

Develop Applications 10 Times Faster Than The Next Fastest Tool

Unmatched Speed of Development

Aware IM developers report that with the Aware IM’s non-procedural rule-based approach they can accomplish in a few hours more than they can achieve in a few weeks using other web development tools.

Less Technical Knowledge Required, Less Risk

Aware IM automatically generates everything: database tables, relationship tables, SQL queries, web forms, GUI widgets, web services, etc. While you have the ability to write Javascript and Java plugins, use your own HTML/CSS and add stored procedures, for the most part, this is not required.

Tons Of Functionality

Tons of business functionality available at your fingertips – personalized documents, access control, report generator, incoming and outgoing emails, user-defined workflows, import/export templates, charts, calendars, schedulers and more.

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy your web application in a cloud, Intranet or Internet, or offer your applications as SaaS.

We have a decade of experience on AwareIM

We are AwareIM developers who can convert your ideas into business apps. With our deep expertise in AwareIM technology which we have gained in a decade, we can help you succeed with architecture, planning, upgrade, migration & implementation across entire AwareIM stack. Our team offers proficiency and demonstrated capability in all aspects of your custom software development project. We can confidently provide consulting, analysis, design and architecture, programming and development, installation and even long term technical support.

We started on AwareIM tool in year 2008 with Version 4. Since then we have developed 16 enterprise applications which are live and are used by thousands of users every day. We have used AwareIM in HSE (Health and Safety Engineering), Mining, Cloud Communication, HealthCare and Manufacturing domains. AwareIM is an essential part of our daily lives and have developed core expertise around it, be it at custom programming, development or database maintenance.

We have 13 full time AwareIM developers in house and are tagged as WORLD's BIGGEST AWAREIM DEVELOPMENT TEAM.

Words from Vladimir Simkin, Founder AwareIM

"We have been using the services of SoftServ for nearly 10 years. We have been very impressed with the technical level of their staff, their expertise in various aspects of Information Technology, their creativity and responsiveness. We thoroughly recommend SoftServ to any company who wants to employ SoftServ to help them with their IT projects."


Extending AwareIM capabilities

All-in-One Code Scanner

Scans QR Code or Barcode

and sends input to AwareIM BO

Utility (Mobile App)

All-in-One Code Scanner

Great Circle Distance Calculator

Plug-in (Mobile/Desktop)

Great Circle Distance Calculator

Smart Email

Plug-in (Mobile/Desktop)

Smart Email

Google Map Marker Color and Mouse Hover Text

Plug-in (Mobile/Desktop)

Google Map Marker Color and Mouse Hover Text

ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) utility - MySQL to MSSQL

Utility (Desktop)

ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) utility - MySQL to MSSQL

Fresh Desk (Support tickets directly from AwareIM apps)

Plug-in (Mobile/Desktop)

Fresh Desk (Support tickets directly from AwareIM apps)


Twilio – We have successfully implemented Twilio APIs to send/receive Text messages or making/receiving voice calls with AwareIM. We have also implemented voice broadcast and IVR system using Twilio. Other implementations are Phone number Verifications, Live calls Scheduling, etc.

Google Web Speech API – We have successfully implemented Google’s Web Speech API which makes it easy to add speech recognition on AwareIM web pages. Speech to text transcripted data is saved to a business object as well. You can drive your web apps with voice.

Text Local – We have successfully implemented Text Local APIs to send and receive Text messages using APIs within AwareIM. Emails to Text (SMS) messages are also implemented. Textlocal SMS APIs allow you to send bulk SMS, trigger transactional updates/OTPs and pull reports.

Simplified PDF Reports – There are times when AwareIM’s native reporting doesn’t produce the required results. We have researched a lot in this area. Our simplified reporting library fetches the data directly from the database via Stored Procedure and converts it into a downloadable PDF.

Twitter – We have successfully implemented Twitter API to fetch profile photograph on the basis of email ID. This can be extended to search Tweets or post Tweets directly from AwareIM apps. You can Publish and analyze Tweets, optimize ads, and create unique customer experiences.

ABN lookup – We have successfully integrated Australian businesses look up feature on the basis of ABN, Business Name, Trading Name or Legal Name. ABN Lookup is the public view of the Australian Business Register (ABR). It provides access to publicly available information.

Highcharts – We have successfully integrated Highcharts with AwareIM as Highcharts enhances UI experience by providing additional chart options like a 3D chart, Heat Map, Scatter chart, Bubble chart, Combinations chart, Polar chart, Spiderweb chart, etc.

DocuSign – We have successfully integrated DocuSign with AwareIM. DocuSign is an e-signature platform which is a cloud system for agreements. You can create agreement templates, send agreements to contacts, e-sign it and can track the progress within AwareIM apps. – We have successfully integrated card payments (one-time or recurring) within AwareIM using payment gateway. Customer profiles, Payment profiles, Transaction details, History, all is saved back in AwareIM BOs

We have also successfully integrated Acxiom, SecurePay, Zimbra, AWS S3 bucket upload and Hardware like RFID with AwareIM.

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