Mining Industry is one of the largest yet most overlooked industry in terms of technology and automation

SoftServ developed a fully Automated Cloud-Based Production Reporting System for an Australian Coking Coal Mine. The entire production reporting was done manually earlier, may it be a recording of the number of miners, total tons of coal mined in a day spread out in 3 shifts or weekly/monthly production reports for target vs actual.

SoftServ has successfully developed and delivered software for automation of a lot of activities on the Mines, including but not limited to Production Reporting, Distribution and Tracking of Crews, Shift Management & Business Intelligence Reporting

The Client Company faced the following issues:

1. There were 3 shifts with 500+ coal workers and it was very difficult to rotate them and keep a track of who was posted where and in which unit.

2. The entire recording of the total production of coal per day/week/month and the year was done manually on paper, which was quite a cumbersome task.

3. It was also gruesome to do all the calculations manually.

So the client needed a software application to automate their Production Reporting of Coal. Their requirement was of a system that could track the progress of tons of coal extracted in a day/week/month or year.

The client had the following broader level requirements:

1. Production Reporting for Coal extraction in tons for Panels/Units/Shifts and Crew

2. Production Reporting for Panels/Units/Shifts and Crew on basis of per meter extraction

3. Distribution and Tracking of 500+ workers among 5 Crews i.e. A,B,C,D and E

4. Alignment of the workers in 3 shifts i.e. Morning Shift (MS), Afternoon Shift (AS) and Night Shift (NS)

5. Tracking of active and inactive coal units.

6. BI (Business Intelligence) reports:

  •  •To view total production on daily/weekly/monthly or yearly basis
  •  •To view shift wise Production Reports
  •  •To view production loss due to various events
  •  •To view comparison between Target and Actual production
  •  •To view LW (Longwall) and Dev. Production Reports

A role based cloud application was designed and deployed in less than 6 months with the following Modules:

1. Role and access based system (CRO enters data >> TechServ validates and approves)

2. Automated form filling with predefined target data for a shift/crew/panel and unit combination with an ability for CRO to edit it as per actual figures.

3. Complete work flow and data flow (Shift start to end production/loss (downtime on basis of Delay Codes) and approval)

4. Dashboard representation to present all production tonnage reports and other reports.