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Manoj Pipersania

Manoj Pipersania (Founder & CEO)

Manoj is a Mining Engineer by qualification and holds over seventeen years of IT consulting experience in various capacities requiring account management, client partnering, project management, business analysis, and technical expertise. Manoj’s motto is “Business Automation” to help businesses increase ROI, Productivity, Speed, Reliability and control through the use of Technology. Manoj is a seasoned professional with systems integration experience across a broad spectrum of industries. He has worked with MNCs like UnitedHealth Group (USA) and Electronic Data Systems (USA) and has addressed complex IT and management situations. His focus is majorly on integrating cloud communication capabilities with BPM apps and building competency on Rapid Application Development tools and methodologies. He is a firm believer that everyone learns everything on their own and from the road. He is passionate about Shooting and respects everyone’s time.