Smart Email

AwareIM Plug-in to send multiple emails, group emails in one go

Smart Email

Plug-in to send multiple emails, group emails in one go.

This plug-in is written in Java and uses Java Mail API. It works at server side. We have experienced that when we send mutiple emails using AwareIM's native functionality, sometimes it takes longer time. Also, there is a limitation to define only one Email Settings under System Settings in one BSV. There are times (for multi tenant apps) when each tenant needs his/her own Email Settings. This plug-in serves the purpose. It takes input from AwareIM BOs for SMTP details and Email details (To, Subject, Body) and triggers emails. Implementation is seamless and quick and compatible with all AwareIM versions.

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Want to see it working live?

You can browse the sample app online @ Email and click on Sign up to create your test account on the login page.

Please be rest assured that your test data will never be used and viewed.

Please send an email to Manoj Pipersania at if you are interested in purchasing the plug-in. We will send you the Java file(.war) for implementation along with instructions. We can also help if you want to extend it to include other functionalities as well. Thanks for showing interest!