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AwareIM Plug-in To Display Customized Marker Colors On Google Map & Mouse Hover Text

Google Map Marker Color & Mouse Hover Text

Plug-in to display customized marker colors on google map and customized mouse hover text.

This plug-in is written in Java which works at server side. It takes input from AwareIM BOs for Geo Codes (Longitude/Latitude) & User Defined Marker Color. It then displays locations on Google Map with corresponding marker color. It also takes data input from a BO attribute and displays it as text on mouse hover the location.

Google Maps JavaScript API ver 3.26 is used for this plug-in. It is not limited to only marker color or mouse hover text but can be enhanced for more functions supported by the API. Implementation is seamless and quick and compatible with all AwareIM versions.

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Want to see it working live?

You can browse the sample app online @ Google Map Marker

  • • Username: test
  • • Password: test
  • Please send an email to Manoj Pipersania at if you are interested in purchasing the plug-in. We will send you the Java file(.war) for implementation along with instructions. We can also help if you want to extend it to include other functionalities as well. Thanks for showing interest!