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Your team has the visions. Your company has the need. Your business requires technology.

We make IT happen.

Our talented team of architects, designers, developers, and project managers will work with your team to bring the vision you have to live. Unlike many firms that are simply trying to ‘bang out code,’ the SoftServ team knows that the only way to make our clients happy is to truly partner with them.

When you work with us on a project, we will seem like we are part of your company. It will seem that way because that is exactly the way we think of our client's challenges. They are our challenges. Our task is to work with you to create a solution that meets all of the needs. Once the project is defined, architected and designed, we can bring it to life, test it and release it and you can have the advantage of a well-trained, efficient development organization working with you.

Welcome to outsourcing re-defined.

Our team truly extends your capabilities.

Whether you need an entire development team or tactical assistance on particular projects, team SoftServ is ready to step in and provide the assistance that you need. We have partnered with companies in both long terms, strategic engagements as well as short term, tactical projects.

Don’t let apprehension stop you from contacting us about our services and capabilities. Whether you are working on a large RFP or simply building a new app, contact us and see how you can experience a new level of development and consultative support.


You say, they code.

While this point is often overlooked by others in the marketplace, the essence of any development company that is successful is a sense of true consultation. While many people feel that leveraging contract developers mean that there must be extra care taken to specify every piece of data to an extreme level of minutia, that is only the case when the team you are working with is simply a set of coders.

We do not work that way. We want to understand the problem that we are helping you solve. Notice the words there. We are helping you. It is collaborative. Why bring in experts if you are going to disregard their advice?.

Our projects start with understanding. That takes consulting. That consulting makes the difference in our successful projects with our clients and the misery that others experience when they try and simply through requirements over the wall.