We are a team of creative professionals, thriving to build forward-thinking technology & experiences.
SoftServ, a company at the pioneering forefront of cutting edge software development
“SoftServ was established in 2006 as a business entity and subsequently transitioned into a Private Limited company in 2012.

With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, we possess the expertise to effectively manage the systems and operations of global enterprises. Our proficient guidance aids clients in successfully navigating their digital journey by providing them with a RAD-powered core that facilitates the prioritization of change execution. We equip businesses with agile digital capabilities at scale, allowing them to achieve unparalleled levels of performance and customer satisfaction. Our learning agenda, which is continually active, propels the clients’ continuous improvement by cultivating and transferring digital skills, expertise, and ideas from our innovative ecosystem.“
SoftServ has embarked on a relentless and rewarding journey, marked by a series of notable achievements. Through our collective efforts, we have elevated the company from its humble beginnings as a garage start-up to a stable enterprise. We are humbled by the progress made thus far and remain confident in our ability to forge ahead and reach even greater heights. SoftServ has consistently set high business standards by offering sustainable, world-class products, solutions, and services, positively impacting thousands of lives with possibilities.
In 2013, SoftServ comprised a team of 2 professionals, a number that has since grown to 60 in 2022. During this period, our revenue increased from $ 8k to .8M, a notable achievement that underscores our commitment to delivering quality solutions to our clients.
We take pride in our sponsorship of AwareIM’s international developer’s conferences, which provide an opportunity to connect with other industry players and share insights on emerging trends. Notably, we sponsored the Bali (Indonesia) conference in 2016, the Providence (USA) conference in 2017, and the Espinho (Portugal) conference in 2019.
At SoftServ, we firmly believe that our associates are our most precious and indispensable asset, and as such, we are wholly dedicated to fostering a safe, healthy, and supportive work environment that prioritizes team well-being and job satisfaction. We recognize that taking care of our associates is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic investment that yields higher productivity, engagement, and retention rates.
Brand Story

We Move Fast, Iterate Quickly and Ship Constantly.

3 pies in our logo demonstrate that we are resourceful,

optimistic and creative.

Our brand story is brought to life through our visual identity, embodied by the SoftServ logo. This bold and dynamic signature proudly represents the vision that we uphold for our company and all those we serve.

At its core, the logo captures the very essence of our brand, evoking the sense of fluidity, resourcefulness, optimism, and creativity that permeates all aspects of our work. Its simplicity and elegance signal a keen intellect that is in complete alignment with the vibrant, aware, and forward-looking world around us.

By building on the universal form of the circle, the radiating 3 pies within our brandmark suggest the many connections that we foster for our customers. This sense of outward motion propels us into the future that we define together.

Furthermore, the color of our brandmark speaks to our character, highlighting our reliability and authority. Together, these elements represent a powerful visual language that captures the essence of our brand story and our commitment to delivering excellence in all that we do.

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We are a team of creative professionals, thriving to build forward-thinking technology & experiences.

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