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  • Healthcare Industry is a challenging industry to cater to. With various regulations and differences in the standardization of various parameters, it is one of the most diverse industries to work in.

    SoftServ delivers quality healthcare solutions to customers in various parts of the world, taking utmost care of the Data privacy, regulatory compliances of the specific countries and the highest level of security and accuracy to enable customers to deliver right care to their patients.

    We have delivered solutions to various verticals of HealthCare industry including but not limited to Dental Health, Record Keeping, etc. and have helped our clients implement Paperless clinics across the globe.

  • We are funded and mentored byPanda Dental Software, Inc, USA in this vertical who owns a very popular Periodontal Charting product. PANDA is the most comprehensive periodontal and restorative digital chart on the market. Fully automated with an extensive library. It instantly creates letters based on findings, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan. It quickly completes progress notes that are pre-structured or can be customized. It manages treatment planning quickly and efficiently. Creates Patient Motivation Reports to increase case acceptance. PANDA as an EMR will help fine-tune dental practices by maintaining efficiency and consistency, creating a smooth workflow for everyone.

  • Features

    1.The software saves Periodontists many hours per day. It creates relevant and dynamic letters based on the findings, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan, all in real time. It reads charting and clinical notes information as to its entered chair-side and transforms the clinical details into instant letters and reports in real-time!
    2.It has the most versatile Charting Comparison and is unrivaled for the Periodontist. Any five visits by a patient can be viewed simultaneously.
    3.It will also convert the recorded information into various graphical reports and correspondence letters creating a beautiful presentation for patients and referring practices.
    4. It automatically translates the plan into terminology to be used in your correspondence letters.
    5.It memorizes the way you write your treatment plans, saving time and making treatment planning more efficient.
    6.As an EMR, it will help fine-tune practices by maintaining efficiency and consistency, creating a smooth workflow for all.
    7.It memorizes how you diagnose your cases, increasing thoroughness and eliminating redundancy. Findings based diagnosis or advanced diagnosis makes the diagnosis process faster yet more comprehensive.
    8.It allows you to efficiently create a complete and accurate medical record.
    9.On a tablet, it makes charting and progress notes easily accessible to everyone. Convenient when moving from room to room throughout the day.
    9.Easy to read, informative, and clearly communicates your plan of care to offer the most effective form of Patient Education.

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