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  • Health and Safety Engineering refers to the identification and correction of potential hazards at any professional workplace, factory, company or organization.

    We at SoftServ have been instrumental in delivering largely successful software solutions to HSE Industry. With our SMEs having experience on various HSE Modules like Risk Management, Employee Safety, Asset Protection, SOPs, and Competency Management, we have successfully delivered some of the most comprehensive HSE Solutions for the big names in the Industry

  • We are funded and mentored by InUnison Technologies Corporation, Canada in this vertical who owns a very popular HSE product named InUnison.

    100+ Companies On-board availing HSE Solutions

    1850+ users interacting on a daily basis recording HSE activities

    1600+ training and assessment questions being maintained for HSE training activities

  • Incident module incidents recording and tracking.
    Document Generation (SOPs) & Repository module for all corporate document guidelines.
    Training & Assessment for assessing any new or existing employee’s knowledge related to his/her role or position in the organization. It has more than 2000 HSE Questions.
    Corrective Measures - an action tracker or corrective actions are assigned and how many actions are taken in a company against any particular Occupational Hazard.
    Recurring Operations Module - Reoccurring events, Maintenance, cleaning, for normal audit, etc. The module basically works for operations that keep taking place at regular intervals in the organization.
    Change Management module - The process of change management, closely observed and entry is done, everybody can give suggestions from a ground level person to senior level officer. The module is developed to increase operational efficiency.

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