Power Sector Offering

SoftServ provides innovative and cost-effective solution for power distribution sector, with an aim to enhance quality, reliability, and affordability power supply, and adoption in RDSS implementation.

AT &C Loss Reduction & Revenue Management Analytics and Reporting Tool

The solution analyzes the consumer behavior pattern, consumer payment prediction & implementing filed strategies for revenue recovery maximization & cash flow improvement. Also produce KPI based detailed tabular and customizable graphic reports supporting drill-down and query capability.

Key Features & Capabilities :

  • AT&C Loss analytics through smart meters event modeling to identify energy deviation  points-suspected consumers engaged in service parallel and bypass activities.
  • Feeder economic analysis through KPI
  • Feeder wise stressed network analysis to manage DTs to consumers loading  and identify the top best as well as worst performing feeders/ DTs.
  • Implementing consumer indexing field verification strategies within the geographical boundary of feeder/DTs/consumers.
  • Machine learning based prediction model for consumer count,  payment mode and payment.
  • Consumers connect through (SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Field visit, Camp, etc.) for improving revenue and cash flow for utilities.
  • Building revenue recovery strategies for shifting consumer behavior pattern 
  • Implementing field strategies as predicted  for improving consumer participation in revenue cash flow maximization .


Smart Meter Data Analytics and Reporting Tool

Power utilities  is adopting  AI-ML based multi-level approach to enhance operational efficiency, and strategic decisions. This tool utilizes systems & consumer smart meters data to optimize billing accuracy, workforce management, technical loss (Network losses), and revenue loss (Inefficiency in collection/billing/Metering Theft). This tool is fully complied with AMISP-SBD for Section 6. Project Requirements( subsection 6.4- Consumer indexing, subsection 6.5- Consumer Engagement, and subsection 6.6- Analytics and Reports)

Key Features & Capabilities :

Dashboards Report :

  • High loss DTs/ Feeders,  top overloaded DTs/ Feeders,  Top feeders/ DTs with most outages
  • Top feeders with most power quality issues, DTs with high failure rate

Energy Audit :

  • Energy audit for configurable  in terms of  period and DT/feeder/ sub-division/ division/ circle wise
  • Feeder to DT  Energy Audit and DT to Consumer Audit
  • Billing and collection efficiency improvement
  • Identification of top [X] best as well as worst performing feeders and DTs

Reliability Indices :

  • Evaluation of supply reliability through SAIFI and SAIDI; CAIFI and CAIDI, MAIFI Indices

Load Management :

  • DT loading trend  in terms of overloaded, optimally loaded, near optimal, under loaded conditions.
  • Identification of consumer consumption trend higher than sanction load

Loss Analytics :

  • Action and strategies for loss analytics to identify suspected consumers engaged in service parallel activities through parameters based abnormal behavior modeling for consumer meters.

Power quality :

  • Evaluation of unbalance  current, low power factor , voltage deviation for DT/feeder.

Outage Management Analytics and Reporting Tool

Outage Management dashboard summaries web portal and mobile application for  unscheduled and scheduled outages of distribution infrastructure like Distribution Transformers (DTs), HT/LT feeders . Also produce KPI based detailed tabular and customizable graphic reports supporting drill-down and query capability.

Key Features & Capabilities :

  • Feeder category wise supply and outage  analysis up to District/Block/Ward/Gram panchayat
  • Mandate and Non-Mandate power supply analysis  as per supply criteria 
  • Feeder load curve analysis
  • Total supply time / outage time analysis
  • Agriculture /Non agriculture power supply analysis

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