• D1-Define

    An integral part of designing successful software for you is gaining a full appreciation for your business and software needs. Before we write a single line of code, we work with you thoroughly to understand your business, issues and the technical shortcomings that are affecting your bottom line. It is critical that we clearly define your project requirements. We value the fact that if we invest the time to comprehend your needs, our expert IT team can deliver a superior solution.

  • D2-Design

    Armed with a detailed understanding of your project requirements, the SoftServ team will create a design outline that will be easy for you to comprehend and illustrate the full functionality of your new system. Intuitive, clean designs are a hallmark of our firm.

  • D3-Develop

    Once the design is approved by you, our team, led by your dedicated project manager, will skillfully develop your new software program. The final product is well documented, expertly written code that will serve your business for many years without concern. Of course, you always own the source code.

  • D4-Deploy

    Upon completion of all development milestones; we will take the final step and deploy your new software solution on your computer system. Unequivocally and with ease, we can offer assistance and proven acumen with all aspects of your software installation, anywhere in the world. Depending upon your unique needs, we also offer additional services including data migration and hands-on training.


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